Hiring a Dry Rot Specialist in Knowlsey

Hiring a Dry Rot Specialist in KnowlseyA dry rot specialist in Knowlsey should be more than capable of dealing with this problem right at the very core. Dry rot is caused by a wide variety of fungus; the growth of these organisms can lead to the weakening of wooden structures. Dry rot attacks the part of the wood that gives it strength; this is the main reason why this problem can be very dangerous for the inhabitants of the home especially when it is left untreated. On the outside, the attack may look like a termite or ant problem but on the inside, you would be surprised to see how weak and severely deteriorated the wood is. When left untreated, it is possible for the fungi to grow uncontrollably, doing irreversible damage to many wooden parts of your house.

In Knowlsey, a dry rot specialist can be made available to cater to your home needs through Apex Damp & Wall Ties. The company offers their clients their expertise in Damp Proofing and Wall-Tie Replacement. The company also caters to many households each year as thousands of homes actually suffer from dry rot problems. With the use of their 2 decades of experience in removing dry rot and in creating solutions for this and other similar problems, the company can give clients the guarantee that they will be able to help secure their home. Since these problems can happen to any building with wooden foundations and parts, the company is also willing to work on both commercial and domestic establishments.

A dry rot specialist in Knowlsey should be able to provide clients with effective treatment solutions as well as protective means when it comes to dealing with dry rot. Through damp proofing, tanking & timber treatment, cavity wall-ties, lateral restraints, crack repairs, and cellar & basement conversions, the company is able to help you deal with these issues right at the core. For inquiries and if you are looking for a dry rot specialist, contact Apex Damp & Wall Ties.