Mould in Maghull – No Problem With Apex Damp and Wall Ties.

mouldYou often hear about couples who are at a crossroads about what to do with their home when they face a challenge. Recently a couple discovered their home had mould in Maghull. It was a real puzzle to solve. They are torn between either selling the property and moving on, or doing the repairs themselves and doing a true makeover. They have a lot of arguments and discussions and eventually, if they decide going in favour of keeping the place – maybe because they realise that finding a similar property nearby would be very difficult, and they don’t want to throw away what they love about their home because of a small problem that can be fixed by the experts. This is when they call us in.

After looking at properties for sale and making a few visits in the area, they came to the decision to go ahead and make the necessary repairs. The first step was to find someone in Maghull for mould removal and that’s where they came across Apex Damp & Wall Ties Ltd. They were afraid of all the problems that would be found in their basement, and there was indeed a few surprises, but nothing we could not solve at a fair price. The modifications to the basement were clearly presented and the couple was very satisfied that we did not only “patch” the problem, but actually enhanced the value of their home.

If you have mould in Maghull, find out how Apex Damp & Wall Tiles can remove the problem by visiting the website or call toll-free at 0800 634 9899.