Reduce the Effects of Condensation in Bootle

Condensation in BootleCondensation in Bootle can be a particular problem for home-owners. During the colder months of the year, temperatures can drop significantly which reduces the temperature of surfaces inside your home. When moist air comes into contact with these surfaces it condenses and is changed to water. This can causes a build-up of water around the base of your windows and walls. Excessive levels of condensation can lead to damp and mould problems. Condensation specialists can provide you with a number of preventative measures that can be taken to reduce this problem. One of the simplest prevention techniques is with regards to ventilation. To stop the build-up of moist air in your home, ensure that you regularly open windows and doors. This allows the moist air to escape outside. In the colder months when opening windows may not be practical, consider using extractor fans to transfer the moist air outside.

In Bootle, condensation can be a significant problem in rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom. This is because these rooms regularly suffer from high temperatures. In the kitchen, temperatures rise when cooking. In the bathroom, taking a hot shower or bath can raise temperatures. To avoid an excessive build-up of warm air, use extractor fans to vent it outside. Drying clothes inside your home can also be a cause of condensation. As the moisture leaves your clothes it is released into the air. If it is possible, always dry your clothes outside. If you need to dry them in your home, try to provide ample levels of ventilation.

Condensation in Bootle can result in damp patches and even mould. To prevent this, try and place your furniture slightly away from the wall. This allows the moist air to circulate around your room and eventually cool. If it is trapped between furniture and the wall it will settle and produce damp patches which can turn into mould. To remove as much moist air as possible, ensure that your air bricks and your chimney are free of blockages. This allows greater ventilation. Fix leaks immediately to prevent a build-up of water and reduce the levels of moist air in your home. If the effects of condensation are taking atoll on your home call Apex Damp and wall ties for a solution.