Rising Damp Treatment in St Helens

Rising Damp Treatment in St HelensRising damp treatment in St Helens is in great demand by homeowners who have tried to solve the unsightly and unhealthy problem of damp patches by simply painting over the affected area. This just causes even more problems as the damp is diverted to another area of the wall. Apex Damp & Wall Ties Ltd are constantly called upon to attend to the many properties that battle with damp problems. With more than 20 years of experience, as an approved P.A.M. Ties Contractor, their professional and effective services are sought after by both the domestic and commercial sector.

In St Helens, rising damp treatment that these specialists deal with is tanking and timber treatment, damp proofing, crack repairs and lateral restraints among others. They provide their customers with borescope surveys and reports complete with 25 and 30 year insurance backed guarantees. This expert team is all about quality workmanship, conducting business from their offices in Lancashire and Merseyside. Their services extend to the North West, Wales and surrounding areas.

Rising damp treatment in St Helens is important for when water is soaking up through porous materials into walls and floors. Rising damp results in paint and plaster bubbling on walls. It is usually worse at the bottom of a wall than at the top. The skilled and experienced Apex Damp & Wall Ties experts use a number of methods to treat rising damp. Among these is the chemical injection method which is suitable for brickwork. If your walls have horizontal cracks along the brickwork, Apex provides cavity wall inspections, making use of high-tech borescope equipment. With properties with high ground levels and damp penetration, Apex fixes this problem with a fixed membrane tanking system which guarantees no more damp for many years. If you care for your home’s looks and your health, rising damp should be dealt with as soon as it is detected. For a speedy and effective rising damp treatment, contact Apex Damp & Wall Ties.