Use the Service of a Dry Rot Specialist in Aigburth

Dry Rot Specialist in Aigburth Any dry rot specialist in Aigburth will inform you that dry rot which has the technical name serpula lacrymans is a destructive issue. The wood destroying fungus can cause a lot of damage to your property and it can be found mostly everywhere in the world. Even though dry rot happens all the time in timber forests and in the woods, it is also a domestic issue which is caused by moisture. Ironically, dry rot needs wood with a moisture retention of about 20% to thrive. And areas which are unventilated are the most favourite places for dry rot to grow and flourish.

In Aigburth, a dry rot specialist should be contacted if you are uncertain if your house has a dry rot problem. Apex Damp & Wall Ties may advise you to look for some of the symptoms which are the reduction of the wood, it may become black and it can also crack in a cuboidal manner. There can be the presence of a ‘skin’ which could be either grey or mushroom coloured and this skin can be peeled off quite easily. On top of this, you will notice white fluffy stuff growing in humid conditions. You can also notice ‘teardrops’ which have developed. Finally, you will also notice the growth of a substance that resembles a pancake with a russet colour in the middle. If you see all these signs, then you have a big issue on your hands. The best course of action in this instance is to call a qualified contractor to help you treat the dry rot in the most professional manner possible.

A dry rot specialist in Aigburth is available at Apex Damp & Wall Ties. Their contractors are all qualified and will be more than able to help you in making sure that the dry rot and any wood affected by it is effectively removed or treated. Their specialists will inform you of ways to avoid the wood destroying fungus. If you suspect you might have dry rot in your house, give them a call and they will send a dry rot specialist to survey the site. For a dry rot specialist, contact Apex Damp & Wall Ties.