Who Are The Wall Ties Specialists In Liverpool?

Wall Ties Specialists In LiverpoolWall ties specialists in Liverpool are to be found at Apex Damp and Wall Ties Ltd. We are proven experts when it comes to dealing with damp proofing, including cavity wall-ties and associated crack repairs. In addition, we are an approved P.A.M Ties Contractor. Our company has over 20 years experience in dealing with damp problems for industrial, domestic and commercial customers.

In Liverpool, wall ties specialists like Apex are necessary when you discover that you have noticeable horizontal cracks running along the brickwork in your walls, in a line with the mortar between the bricks. These worrying cracks are usually as a result of an old, oxidized and weakened cavity wall-tie in the wall that is now expanding and pushing the bricks apart along the mortar join or joint between the bricks. The way our highly experienced and skilled staff establish whether or not a rusting wall-tie is to blame for this kind of corrosion problem is by using high-tech borescope equipment. This equipment allows us to isolate and examine the existing wall ties. If it is confirmed that they are the culprits, repairs, replacement or mechanical ties are necessary to prevent further damage and increasing weakness and instability. After the main repairs have been completed, we repair the cracks in the walls so that they and the plaster look like new.

If you have a problem you suspect might be connected to wall ties, contact Apex, the wall ties specialists in Liverpool. Call us, send us an email or find out more on our website today! We will arrange to give you a free estimate and restore your walls and your peace of mind at affordable prices.