Woodworm Specialists in Sefton

Woodworm Specialists in SeftonWoodworm specialists in Sefton provide professional timber treatments and are able to identify if you have a woodworm infestation and provide you with the appropriate woodwork treatment as quickly as possible. Before a treatment is undertaken, a thorough inspection is carried out which includes roof timbers and under floor boards to assess the extent of the woodworm problem. At the same time they will also check to see if there are any associated problems such as damp or rot. Once the inspection is completed, a report will identify the type of woodworm infestation, the seriousness and appropriate treatment required. To ensure minimal disruption and an affordable solution, one should only treat damaged and infected areas.

In Sefton, woodworm specialist’s treatments are correctly applied to minimise exposure to pets, humans and the environment. The most common wood boring insect, the furniture beetle (Anobium Punctatum) which can infest all types of timber including varnished, painted surface, untouched, furniture and structural timber. These insects have no preference of wood types, which means if you have an infestation, everything is at risk. If woodworm is left untreated, it will seriously weaken the timber which in turn will eventually lead to building structure failure. Woodworm is seasonal and occurs around May to October where they can be seen exiting roof timbers and flooring. Eradication measures include a fluid being injected or applied into the holes to ensure effective treatment.

If you suspect woodworm, it is essential you have your timbers inspected by professional woodworm specialists in Sefton. Contact Apex Damp & Wall Ties Ltd to assist you. There are 4 main species of woodworm that includes the most common furniture beetle that is responsible for around 75 percent of timber damage. In southern country homes the longhorn beetle causes the most damage, and fortunately does not survive elsewhere due to extreme cold. The wood boring beetle is found in damp decaying timer, and the death watch beetle which prefers hardwood. The treatment involves interrupting their life cycle, which can vary from one woodworm type to another. There are various treatments of which our surveyors will identify the most safest and effective for your situation. Stop woodworm today call Apex Damp and Wall Ties.