Cavity Wall Tie Replacement in Kirkby

Cavity Wall Tie ReplacementYou might need to find a company that will provide cavity wall tie replacement if the wall ties in your building have started to corrode. This happens when the wall ties that are fixed in a wall begin to disintegrate because their protective coating starts breaking down. This can cause damage to external walls and could also make a building unstable. Wall ties are metal strips or bars in all cavity walls. They are built into the wall by the builder as he constructs the wall to hold the masonry together. Houses that were built between the 1920’s  and 1950’s with steel ties or those built between the 1960’s and the 1980’s with galvanised wire ties are more often likely to corrode. If this is what is happening to your home, it is best to contact a company that specialises in replacing cavity wall ties.

In Kirkby, cavity wall tie replacement is an area that Ascot Damp and Wall Ties does well. They are specialists in the expert provision of cavity wall ties. As damp proof and cavity wall ties specialists, they can restore walls to their original condition, following treatment. They also offer 25 & 30-year insurance backed guarantees for all the work they do. Apex is an Approved P.A.M Ties Contractor, which means that when they work on your walls, you can be assured of a thorough and professional cavity wall tie replacement. Apex provides cavity wall inspections by using high-tech borescope equipment. Should their inspection determines that your walls are being corroded, it will be necessary to install replacement wall ties.

Cavity wall tie replacement in Kirkby is necessary if your house is an older one, built some years ago. As damp weather and age cause the corrosion of cavity wall ties, it may become necessary to have them replaced. You will recognise that you need the cavity wall ties replaced if the walls of your house begin bulging, or if the walls start lifting, just below the roof level or if you notice the beginnings of horizontal cracking in the walls. These are sure signs that the cavity wall ties are due to be replaced. If this is the case, and you need to find out more about a reputable company that offers cavity wall tie replacement, contact Apex Damp and Wall Ties.