Cracks? Maybe You Need Cavity Wall Tie Replacement In Skelmersdale

Cavity Wall Tie Replacement In SkelmersdaleHiring a company for cavity wall tie replacement in Skelmersdale might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you notice cracks forming in the brickwork of your 70 year old home. But maybe it should be! In fact, you must admit you probably have no idea what a wall tie even is. For many people their first guess is that the builders of their home had used some kind of sub par materials when they walls were put up. Not many people outside of the building industry have this sort of knowledge, so it’s not a surprise that confusion might reign. After doing a little research, you might be able to diagnose the problem as corrosion of the wall ties. But we recommend that it is better to get the advice and assistance of a professional company. This is your home after all!

In Skelmersdale cavity wall tie replacement is the one of the specialties of a particular company. Many customers have the following to say about how they find us, “I had asked a few friends who were more handy that I when it comes to building repair, and each and every one of them recommended I get in-touch with Apex Damp and Wall Ties.” One of our contractors will come out to your property in no time to perform a full inspection. Very often what they find, to the customer’s dismay, is that nearly all of the wall ties in their home have corroded so badly that they would need to be replaced.

With over 20 years of experience doing cavity wall tie replacement in Skelmersdale Apex Damp and Wall Ties are confident that they would be able to solve all your wall problems with very little difficulty or fuss. You will be especially comforted to learn that they offer a 25 and 30 year insurance backed guarantee on all of their work. The next time you have issues with the walls in your homes, we highly recommend that you contact us, Apex Damp and Wall Ties to take care of the problem. Give our friendly help line a call and we will even come out and give you a free estimate.